A programmatic reasoning about vision: imagery and light. It is a reasoning about images and light. From the name of the most famous, emblematic and outstanding painting in the history of art, the MONNALISA, comes a collection of objects dedicated to the images of our everyday history, captured, fixed, immortalised and shown, she is familiarity with what will come.
Her gaze implies necessity, matter, gestures. Our eyes look toward innovative products which stimulate the creativity of those who use them. But where did we meet the wife of Francesco Giocondo? In person in Florence, in a painting in Paris by Leonardo da Vinci, psychedelic with a moustache, by Duchamp or Warhol, plastered on a billboard, or in a photograph? An image which is indelible in our memory is now a reality in the present: MONNALISA.
A collection of modern design lamps, picture and poster-frames, photo archives, photo albums that have been re-designed and reinvented. Projects and solution with a lean but not an anonymous signature, understated but not overly so: modesty, an offshoot of their qualities. A collection of objects made with the use of experimental processes and sophisticated technology, aimed at a discerning customer who appreciates a quality product which is the beginning of a new adventure for the company.
This is based on the relationship between MONNALISA and the Italian or foreign designers, with the intention of going even further, exploring other territories and always with the necessary pleasure of a good design. In the meantime there are the severe but not stuffy design that are ready to illuminate and hold our photographic memories.